We provide the best in warehouse shelving. WESI offers some of the most affordable and effective shelving solutions. Shelving can maximize your product storage even in the smallest of areas.


Western Pacific Storage Solutions, a leader in engineering and manufacturing, desires to serve you–an innovator in global supply chain management and material handling, with the finest engineered products and services.

republic storage systems llc

Republic’s industrial storage line includes clip shelving, boltless shelf framing systems, racks, slotted angle, automotive shelving, cabinets, book units, and shop furniture.

During its more than 75 years in business, Borroughs has produced a variety of products. From Heavy-Duty Industrial Shelving to Top Notch Modular Drawer Cabinets, Borroughs has the products to successfully assist with completion of your project.

The “EQUIPTO” brand and the company Consolidated Storage Companies has been made in America for 100 years.  Our Storage Solutions are manufactured in eastern Pennsylvania and sold throughout the United States, and increasingly to customers in Asia, Central and South America and Africa.

Lyon LLC has been the leading manufacturer of metal products since 1901. Our featured products include Lockers, Metal Cabinets, Modular Drawer Cabinets, Industrial Shelving and Storage Rack.


From simple, single-level systems to multi-level and high-rise systems designed to maximize storage space, Hallowell shelving can be individually tailored to meet your customer’s specific storage requirements.