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Chambersburg, PA | Las Vegas, NV

Project Overview

This large scale pallet racking project was one for the books here at WESI. The building our customer was going to be moving into in just a few short weeks was still in the process of being built. The builders were behind due to some winter storms that had stalled concrete pouring. Upon our arrival not knowing the delays that had occurred, our team met with the project managers on site and came up with a plan to best suite both parties and would allow our customer the earliest access to there facility. Not having a place to store our building materials inside, we were given a laydown yard 1/4 of a mile away. We began as soon as the first slab of concrete was poured and cured (around 4 days) shuttling our materials to the warehouse. We stood and filled in the racking as fast as they could pour the concrete. We completed our project ahead of time and the building was done shortly after. Our customer was ecstatic to move into there new warehouse and minimize slowing in there production processes. We at WESI thrive in new challenges and overcoming difficult circumstances.


  • 250,000 SqFt
  • Design, Supply, Install, and Service Large Scale Pallet Racking System